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Since 1994 I  have been involved in varioius ministry opportunities in Guyana.  My oldest son Brian who serves as vice president of Guyana Hope served as a missionary associate on the Essequibo Coast with Missionary Harold Suggs. Charlie Persaud has been a tremendous asset to this ministry over the years.  Even though he and his family recently migrated to the US he still has a heart for the people of Guyana.

Why Guyana?  It's about the people.  We have never counted dollars...we have never sought the applause or acclaim of man...never considered the inconvenience and hardships of ministry in a developing nation and never thought of the reasons why something could not be done.  We just saw the need and did all within our power and resources to fill the need.

Robert Kennedy once said, "There are those that look at things the way the are, and ask why?  I dream of things that never were and ask why not?"

 Why do we return year after year?  It's the people!  To see the look of hope kindled in the eyes of the children, teenagers and the "forgotten" people along the rivers, creeks and interior.  It's all about relationships and making friends.

Together we can make a difference!  I believe there are enough financial resources along with gifted talented people that if we would pool them together we could make a tremendous impact in Guyana.

When Guyana Hope was "officialy" incorporated in 2007 our first donation was $100.00 from a 101 year old lady in Smithfiled NC.  Our second donation was from a Hindu lady in the amount of $300.00.  We are thankful for kind, generous individuals and businesses who share vision and burden with us.

What will you do?

We need churches, businesses and individuals to partner with us to bring hope to Guyana.  Please take a look at the Projects page.  Perhaps your business, civic group, church,  men or women's group, youth group, etc. could help with one of these projects.

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